Sacred Treasures Gem Elixors


Gem elixirs are an easy and inexpensive way to access the special properties of crystals. They may be taken in water through the day, in a bath or spray bottle, and are easy to use. At Sacred Treasures gem elixirs we make single elixirs,or combination elixirs that accent special properties of numbers of crystals such as our Telepathy or Karma formulas, ect. We are continuously making new elixirs, so if you don't see what you want, ask, even for a possible formula you may want. If you want a personalized formula, contact us for details.

Gem Elixors Available

We sell both stock strength and mother elixirs.

    Diabetes 1:

Atlantasite, boukenhout Jasper, malachite, emerald, purple opal, Jade in white-yellow-orange-red-and green colors


Red rutilated topaz, double keyhole quartz laserwand, globe pyrite, smoky amethyst with enhydro scepter quartz.

    Eternal Love, Transformation:

Hiddenite, anyolite. Awareness. Phenacite, amethyst smoky scepter quartz

    Crohn's, Colitis:

Kingite, clevelandite, cavansite, aperture quartz elestial, green florite

    Menopause 1:

Citrine, moonstone, indicolite, lapis lazuli, Ruby, ocean Jasper, zincite, rose quartz

    Guilt, Overwhelmed, and Overburdened:

Boukenhout Jasper, intricate quartz, chrysocolla, peridot, green-white Jade, rose quartz, larimar, sodalite

    Prostate 1:

Zincite, kammererite, obsidian,chrysoprase, indicolite

    Telepathy I:

Apatite, phenacite, double terminated faden quartz, super7, shattuckite, smoky amethyst quartz scepter, Herkimer diamond, azeztulite, benitoite, black opal

    Telepathy 2:

Angelite, clear record keeper petalite, pink petalite, epidote in quartz, double terminated faden quartz

    Telepathy 3:

Botryoidal shattuckite, campbellite, jelly opal, yellow mica, blue phantom quartz cluster,hedenbergite with quartz and andredite Garnet, double terminated faden quartz

    Karma 1:

Okenite with green apophyllite pyramids, super 7, purple scapolite, brucite, kingite, elestial aperture quartz, lavender/gold Spirit quartz

    Confidence 1:

Gemmy rhodonite, Osiris-isis pyrite, orange-white-yellow-green Jade, andadite Garnet with hedenbergite, larimar, blue lace agate, purple florite squares

    Confidence 2:

Red Jade, alexandrite, moonstone, purple-blue-green flourite, blue Jade, blue phantom quartz cluster, blue opal, sugilite


Spiderweb Jasper, blue Beryl, galaxyite

    Negative Energy Release 1:

Rutilated quartz with titanium, charoite, double terminated laserwand, apatite, sugilite, green-white Jade, citrine, apophyllite pyramid cluster

    Negative Energy Release 2:

Double terminated smoky quartz, petalite, heulandite with quartz and calcite, Chevron amethyst, guerinite

    Consciousness 1:

Green phantom Alpine quartz with barnacles, Boulder opal, Amber, lingham, elestial quartz, selenite, magnesium in window quartz, lavender spirit quartz double terminated apophyllite

    Thyroid activation1:

Lapis lazuli, epidote with quartz, chrysocolla, angelite indicolite, aquamarine​

    Thyroid activation 2:

Rutilated quartz with titanium, citrine, rhodochrosite, kyanite, blue star Sapphire, blue lace agate, atacamite

    Release Oppression:

Candle quartz, dioptase, kimberlite, mottramite, and sursassite.

Free Will with sulphur:

Purple scapolite, rosacite, cuproadamite, manifestation quartz, libethinite, blue star Sapphire, Harlequin quartz, and rutilated quartz with titanium.

Love's Expression:

Pezzotaite, anyolite, blue apatite, chrysoprase, and K-2.

sacred treasures (2)
    Single elixirs:
    Purple-Gold-Orange spirit quartz
    Catseye honey chrysoberyl
    Red bixbite
    Blue Beryl
    Green catseye chrysoberyl

Healing comes from within. Gem Elixors can help you to access that healing.