Back to the heart of your living light at the Atma Source Institut, resource center.

It's a place of practice and training, space of peace and healing with Master-Practitioners of well-being and holistic healing, we offer many individual treatments such as massage therapy, naturopathy, NLP coaching and much more .

Welcome you and all that are receiving the call for a healing and for those who don't know yet that they are potentially great healers!

Facing chaos in our lives nowadays, gives us the opportunity to make a conscious choice to hear the call of the self, rather than the frantic pursuit of evanescent material wealth, one realizes that treasuring higher inner-self can be a life saver.

At Atma Source find out how to return to your inner wealth and release your precious self, so special and unique that the world needs so much now!

Discover the keys to free your body from illness, your mind from depression and fear of being who you really are.

Know now how to set free your true nature and recover your inner sovereignty supported by inspired professionals.

Treatments for the well-being of body, mind and soul

At the Atma Source Institut, we know many techniques and practices that focus on physical and mental well-being.

“What you call your body is only an envelope in which a subtle body lives. This inner body is a subtle energy, the life force that supports the physical body. All our sensitivity depends on this life force…this subtle body radiates beyond itself and meets the environment. »
Jean Klein.

Space of peace and healing, you will receive here a serious and quality accompaniment with therapists of more than 30 years of experience in :

  • the art of body consciousness and breathing
  • restoring physical and mental well-being and releasing creative energy,
  • naturopathic and dietary advice,
  • coaching personalized to your needs and remote care.
  • We currently offer the following services, by appointment in individual, group workshop or video-conference, depending on your choice:

    Massage therapy

  • Swedish massage
  • Californian massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Foot reflexology


  • Hatha Yoga
  • Kriya yoga
  • More

  • Guided meditation
  • Applied kinesiology
  • NLP Coaching
  • Naturopathy
  • Lithotherapy
  • New: Mineral Elixirs: wonderful spiritual awakening and healing facilitators, they are easy to use and inexpensive. These elixirs are composed of several crystals finely chosen for an effective synergy on different levels of being. For an elixir specific to your personality and current energy needs, please call us for more details.
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    At peace with yourself and fully aware of what really makes you happy, you will benefit from a renewal of creative energy.

    Two passionate and experienced practitioners


    Jeffrey Gordon

    Jeffrey is from Michigan, USA. His core business is to work on the energy front. Both a naturopath, a certified Touch for Health kinesiologist and a master of Lithotherapy in the Melody line, he was also initiated into Kriya Yoga. Jeffrey understands the uniqueness of each person and is knowledgeable about the different forms of energy healing, having tested and practiced them for himself due to his own health issues. By his approach Jeffrey offers a complete energy balance, in support of iridology and muscle tests for targeted advice. He is good at significantly relieving physical pain, rebalancing and releasing energies for holistic holistic healing. Jeffrey’s realization is that we are made up of vibrational frequencies that activate in our energy system passing through the energy chakras or vortexes. Overall health is improved by releasing the energy flow from our different bodies. Yoga, meditation but also certain specific massages, combined with an adequate diet and an appropriate energy treatment, can naturally lead us to well-being and self-realization.


    Corinne Guibaud

    Originally from France, Corinne discovered yoga at the age of 13 and has been teaching it since she graduated in 1991 from the Ananda Kriya Yoga Center in California. She also followed the teaching of Vedenta Yoga by Jean Klein and Yoga of Cashmerian non-duality with Éric Baret. This early experience of yoga, as well as other approaches of personal development and numerous trips around the world, led her to be part of a research program in mastery of psychosocial practices at the University of Rimouski. She has been teaching yoga as an art of conscious movement for 26 years, while also being a certified massage therapist and a NLP personal development coach. Corinne’s most important realization is that there are no coincidences in life and that we all have an inner guide who leads us to the best of our life journey. We are the creators and craftsmen of our lives.

    “Know yourself and you will know the universe” Socrates


    "Correcting oneself is correcting the whole world. The Sun is simply bright. It does not correct anyone. Because it shines, the whole world is full of light. Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world."

    Ramana Maharshi.


    "Un accueil exceptionnel, plein de générosité et d'écoute." -Danielle Champoux

    "Très bon service et thérapeute très comptant!"-Michel Lemay

    "Bonjour Corinne,

    Ce fut un plaisir de découvrir les soins holistiques et énergétiques que vous offrez dans le cadre champêtre de St-Armand.

    Les photos sur votre site internet reflètent bien la luminosité et la sérénité qui se dégagent de votre accueil, des pratiques que vous exercez avec bienveillance et dont j'ai été témoin.

    Merci pour cet agréable passage au pays de la pleine santé !"
    -Marie Christine

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